Stoic and Distant

Only during sexual abuse is the pedophile present in a child’s life. The rest of the relationship is spent away from each other. There may be an occasional game or ice cream social together, but the reality is the attention you receive is while you are being abused. Many children misinterpret this and deem it their responsibility because they wanted or needed the attention.

This is the pedophile scam!

All children need time and attention and predators know this. They spark the needs in children through deception. Deceiving the child’s innocence into believing they are receiving love — the love they are not getting somewhere else.

This breaks my heart.

Children buy into the lie — sort of. In a child’s heart there is this light that shines truth onto these situations. The truth is that they aren’t really being offered a choice. They have no decision in these matters – period. The predator is going to take what they came for. They just want you to believe you are giving it to them.

That’s a lie.

No child would willing give these monsters their time or attention. Stop believing that lie. You had no part in these childhood crimes. You are a prisoner by a crime you did not commit.

Satan is the father of lies.

Jesus is our Warrior. He fights for us in ways we cannot. Get out of His way and let Him work in your life. He is more than willing and able to set you free. And, when He sets you free, you are free indeed. All choices become yours.

All love!

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