Hush Little Baby

Don’t you cry.

I never heard those words as a child and I’m pretty sure I didn’t give those words very often to my children. I gave the comfort I could, but was it enough? I’m sure it was not.

Comfort in trauma is an elusive thing. We can learn calming techniques and that helps. But that isn’t comfort.

When I slip into a warm bath that is glistening with bubbles and laden with melting Epson salt, I feel the comfort of that water on my skin. How do I produce that comfort for an aching soul that is rotting with the disease of trauma?


Where do you find that love in a world of uncertainty? How do I restore my soul?

This requires tools outside of this kingdom. I don’t pontificate and believe that I have these tools in my toolbox nor do I believe that any human has the tool I need to find the comfort for those deeply aching needs. The dark spots that only God sees.

That resource belongs to God. He is the only one equipped to comfort my pain, silence my fears and make me a true overcomer.

I am learning to receive His comfort. The beauty of that is that I now have comfort to give to those I love.

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