Cruel to Be Kind

Healing the broken pieces of our life requires investigative work. That work can be so cruel and unkind. At first.

Like returning to vomit. Who would do such a thing? But, you have to. You have to go back to clean it up. That’s the only reason you go back to vomit, right?

It’s unpleasant to return to yesteryear.

Most of us want to run the other way. Society supports the abandonment of self. The world indoctrinates us to believe once we are grown all is well. We conquered childhood and the world is now our oyster.

Leave everything behind and go live.

That’s easy to do in your early 20’s, I suppose. But as we age and grow, which one of us doesn’t take a story or two from our past and share it with others? I think most of us do. While choosing those stories to share, which stories do we pick?

Well, we certainly aren’t going to pick the bad stories, are we? No, we pick the best stories to share. Again, this is the rule of society. Show up looking good, not broken.

For me I decided to sail against the wind and pick up my bad stories to share. There was no way I was making it out alive if I didn’t.

So, it is cruel in the beginning when you go back and pluck the scab off a wound. The kindness is found when that wound heals.

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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