Heros & Whores

What an ugly word, right? Whore is defined as a woman who has many casual sexual encounters or relationships.

My mother had casual sexual encounters with my father’s friend and with me. This is just what I witnessed. I also was told by a family friend that she slept with her brother. I asked her about that one day and she confirmed she had. Doesn’t that put her in the category of many casual sexual encounters?

Are these encounters casual?

Was she an adulteress to my father if he was in the room or was she a faithful wife?

The world doesn’t talk very much about female sexual predators, does it? It’s uncomfortable for me to even write about.

This is a truth that needs some light on it.

If it’s difficult to write about and so difficult to read, can you imagine how heinous it is to live through?

If we don’t start talking about the whole truth of our experiences, so many people will stay hidden in the dark recess of denial, hiding their truth away from the world so they are not “one of those people.”

Well, I am “one of those people” and I’m no longer hiding the truth. I’m shedding my shame through sharing. I am no longer bound to the contract of this lie. I’m breaking myself free with each word I type, with each story I tell.

The contract with my enemies I break more fully today. I have the right to tell the truth. I was a witness to these crimes and as such, I have the right and the freedom to use the power of my voice to take back what they stole.

My story doesn’t end without a hero. My hero fought for me on a hill outside of Jerusalem at Calvary. Calvary means an experience of extreme suffering.

I’m leaving my sufferings with Him. Onward Christians soldiers.

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

3 thoughts on “Heros & Whores

  1. One of my abusers was a woman. And even I did not see her as a predator because she did it in such a loving way.
    Being abused by both sexes is particularly difficult to heal from. Trust in every relationship is in question.

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