A Gallant Entry

Diving into healing the past of incest or childhood sexual abuse is nothing short of heroic. This journey is only for the brave. I’ve seen more people move away from their healing, then step into it. Healing your past is an intentional journey. You must want to choose it. Unfettered by the bullshit stories youContinue reading “A Gallant Entry”

Never Give In

Hindered by my family, I’ve struggled to carry on in the truth. Walking in a way that is abhorrent to the people I came through has proved extremely difficult. I’ve stalled out many times but I have never given up. Those that were to love and protect me did nothing of the sort. When IContinue reading “Never Give In”

Dearest Daughters,

Incest is a family affair. Each week on Mondays I’m going to writing to my daughters and share it here with you. On Thursdays, my girls will write back to me. We are The Three B’s. We hope our story brings reality, inspiration and hope to you. Dearest Daughters, Thank you for your sincere wordsContinue reading “Dearest Daughters,”

Twisted & Complicated

I’ve lived my entire life in this dilemma. The movies and TV tell us parents are good. Songs tell us that there is love in the world. Romance novels sell fantasy. The only way I could see good as a child was through blatant denial or fantasy. Love simply did not exist in my childhood.Continue reading “Twisted & Complicated”

A Treasury of Trust

No deposit was ever made in me as a child from my parents that would have led me to believe in trust. That’s a great big inadequacy in a human being. Another broken spot. Another spec folks find in me and place additional blame and just another place to find no meaning. As I satContinue reading “A Treasury of Trust”

The Agony of Suffering

I’ve had to learn to struggle through much suffering in my life. In the night hours, it slept with me and tortured my sleep. When I woke up, it was the first thing to greet my day before even the sunshine had time to say hello. Learning to fight with suffering was something I hadContinue reading “The Agony of Suffering”

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