WWW | Wellness Words Wednesday | Denial vs. Emotions

The first weapon against abusive attacks when you are small is to find an area of your brain to place the bad — and, leave it there. While that is how God designed us to make it through those unsafe years, we have to change that pattern now to heal. Denial leaves a thick impenetrableContinue reading “WWW | Wellness Words Wednesday | Denial vs. Emotions”

WWW | Wellness Words Wednesday | Contagious

When you learn how to trust your memories, they will return to you. The next time your mind tries to show you something from your past, you will allow it. It becomes contagious. What do I mean? Memories and tragedy sit inside you like a dead carcess eating away all the good. The rotting emulsionContinue reading “WWW | Wellness Words Wednesday | Contagious”

WWW | Wellness Words Wednesday | When It Feels Like You’re Losing

A verdict was given yesterday to woman in a liable suit. She won $5 million against Donald Trump. Seriously? I am so offended. Power, money and politics – seems the only thing this court system gives a care about. What about the deeply traumatized person just trying to survive? What about them? When is justiceContinue reading “WWW | Wellness Words Wednesday | When It Feels Like You’re Losing”

WWW | Wellness Words Wednesday | Find Beauty in the Moments

For Christmas one year, my beautiful grown daughters put together a box that held memories of our time together as they grew. In this glass trove they placed strips of paper that each of them had written capturing treasures I had shared with them that they now wanted me to reflect on and enjoy. SuchContinue reading “WWW | Wellness Words Wednesday | Find Beauty in the Moments”

WWW | Wellness Word Wednesday

Today’s word: Rejection. To me the deepest pain in life is all born out of rejection. What makes incest so ugly is that it is family. Family is supposed to care, nurture, protect, and love. Those words are so far from rejection. What is abuse? Childhood crimes fall squarely into these definitions. Taking both ofContinue reading “WWW | Wellness Word Wednesday”

Jaded ~ There are Two Sides of Depression

I wasn’t the depressed guy that stayed in bed all day, let their house fall apart around them, and never did the dishes. That just wasn’t me. I falsely believed that because I went constantly, I wasn’t depressed. When questioned by my counselor if I was depressed, I’d say an emphatic no. I wasn’t theContinue reading “Jaded ~ There are Two Sides of Depression”

Deliver Me

We don’t use this phrase often, but the bible does. The word deliver is a verb and means, provide (something promised or expected). I needed to be delivered from so many things. An abusive childhood, an awful marriage, addiction, depression, fear — I could go on and on. I needed deliverance. DELIVERANCE, n. 1. the actionContinue reading “Deliver Me”


Defined as: noun verb Victims of incest or childhood sexual crimes live under the scrutiny of shame. The question is: Where was this first imposed on the child? When you are two or three years old, how can you consciously do wrong? Isn’t the truth that we are taught wrong? What four year old walkedContinue reading “Shame”

A Tender Reed

The bible tells us a “tender reed will not be broken.” In my childhood, I was — broken. How do you give what you have never received? My children were born to a mother who had never seen tenderness. Cruelty was the character that ruled my life. How then was I to know what kindnessContinue reading “A Tender Reed”

A Spark of Fire

A Spark of fire, a moment to live,This is all I ask to survive, I can’t breathe, I cannot think, I need peace and quiet,A spark of fire, a moment to live. As time passes by and my abuse grows in the distance, the pain lingers still, I have a hard time focusing. I needContinue reading “A Spark of Fire”

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