Murder & Mayhem

Chaos creates chaos. Plant a carrot seed and you will grow a carrot. Why then is it so difficult to understand how hard it is to come through a life of childhood trauma. You don’t just put it away and move on. You either get sucked into denial, become an abuser or work every dayContinue reading “Murder & Mayhem”

Injustice. Injustice. Injustice.

Waiting for justice for a crime you’ve witnessed or endured is a miserable kind of waiting because you don’t know what you’re waiting for. What will the outcome be? Will justice be served or will your hope be dashed to the ground while the perpetrator walks away, scot-free! What will justice look like? While IContinue reading “Injustice. Injustice. Injustice.”

A Choice Chair

Who will sit in the chair beside you? Will it be your abuser? When it’s a family member, many times the chair beside you holds an abuser. What do you do with that? For years I sat beside my abusers. I ate Christmas dinner with them, passed rolls and shared dessert together. I pretended, justContinue reading “A Choice Chair”

A “Childless” Child

No child lived within me after the age of 3. I was grown by then. Given over fully to a life of survival. I don’t remember what act brought me to the threshold of the death of my inner child. Was it the death of a stranger I’d witnessed or was it the sexual assaultContinue reading “A “Childless” Child”