Slashed Wrists

Suicide was such a prevalent enemy that was with me as I traversed the waters of growing up in treacherous abuse. As a child in a home of such control, there was no way to even consider attempting suicide. That, too, would not have been allowed. It’s strange how such powerful control takes over everyContinue reading “Slashed Wrists”

A Mouth of Decay & Rot

Do you know what keeps incest alive? People who know how to keep a secret, that’s how. The underbelly of the snake of incest can only be exposed with the action of words. The words of its victims. This battle started with my belief system. What would I believe? Who would I believe? Would IContinue reading “A Mouth of Decay & Rot”

The Innocent Judged

Maybe the most wicked piece to childhood trauma is the judgment of the innocent. You open your mouth to tell the secret and you receive condemnation – not from God, but man. “Don’t tell,” is the conviction of the world. “We don’t want to hear you,” they continue. “Keep that ugliness hidden.” These unconscious judgmentsContinue reading “The Innocent Judged”

Secret Endowments

An endowment is a donation of money or property to an organization, which uses the resulting investment for a specific purpose. In the world of incest and abuse, this is a daily occurrence. Secret endowments are given to our abusers every time an act of perversion is made against us. With their weapons, they haveContinue reading “Secret Endowments”

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