Moving On Up!

There is a destiny to healing. PEACE! I’ll carry my scars with me until I reach eternity, then they will be no more. For now, I carry on knowing I am okay. Sometimes in the night hours beautiful words echo through my soul. The dreadful demons of yesterday have now passed and I am leftContinue reading “Moving On Up!”

Scars of Suffering

A scar is a mark left on the skin or within body tissue where a wound, burn, or sore has not healed completely and fibrous connective tissue has developed. Scars exist in my soul. I wish there were a magical cure for the damage I lived through, but this just isn’t the case. While itContinue reading “Scars of Suffering”

Sunday Morning Coming Down

My dad loved Johnny Cash, but he loved chaos and control more. My father would drink until his legs betrayed him and he was forced to give in; subdued only until his strength returned. Denial became my gift as a child. Trust? That’s a fucking joke. Trust lived nowhere near our street and never cameContinue reading “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

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