Mirror Mirror | Waves of Discovery

Introspection — what better way to start a week. Question: When you are faced with a truth, you must decide how to respond to that information. Will you deny what you know your mind, body and soul is speaking to you? Or will you lean in and with grace be kind to that returning memory?Continue reading “Mirror Mirror | Waves of Discovery”

Words of Widsom ~ Pedophiles Don’t Love You

I sat against the wall perched on my bed now in darkness. Mangled shadows danced all around me, mocking any peace I could try to find. I could not close my eyes to the monstrous darkness. I just could not. I simply stared at the door. Possibly in anticipation of someone coming to find me,Continue reading “Words of Widsom ~ Pedophiles Don’t Love You”

Words of Widsom ~ Don’t Hide the Junk

We truly are as sick as our secrets. All I learned through my childhood abuse was, don’t tell, don’t talk — try not to remember. You think that works? Nope! “We played as children do. My brother and I were close – albeit with sexual overtones. We pretended and explored a lot together. This wasContinue reading “Words of Widsom ~ Don’t Hide the Junk”

Let Jesus Shut the Door to Your Pain

“My bathroom had now become the bathroom in the old motel room in ’68.  My mind’s eye flew open. The window of the memory had started with that body memory. I didn’t realize what my hand was telling me until I was instantly back in the motel room. Plain as day, I was there, again.Continue reading “Let Jesus Shut the Door to Your Pain”

Mirror Mirror ~ Self Harm

What better way to start a week but through introspection. QUESTION: If I asked myself the question, “How do I harm myself?” I have a myriad of ways. Oh, we know the usual harms of hurting our flesh (over eating or self-indugent behavior of any kind). But, beyond the obvious ways — what about harmingContinue reading “Mirror Mirror ~ Self Harm”

Words of Widsom ~ I Don’t Live by the Rules of This Culture

Prejudice exists. I’m often judged and categorized for discussing my upbringing. It gets old. I’d be much more acceptable to them if I didn’t stand by my right to speak. Uncomfortable and unending, the opinions around me fly. Why don’t they be quiet? I didn’t ask them, did I? Unfortunately, this judgment and my shameContinue reading “Words of Widsom ~ I Don’t Live by the Rules of This Culture”

Mirror Mirror ~ Come Out of the Woodwork

What better way to start a week but through introspection. QUESTION: What if we all stood up together and insisted on justice, said we will accept nothing less than change, and the ability to tell our stories. Given the prevalence of incest, and that the family is the basic unit upon which society rests, imagineContinue reading “Mirror Mirror ~ Come Out of the Woodwork”

Words of Widsom | Get Intimate with Your Pain

Oh the time I spent courting and tending to my pain. It was with me as a lover, as an intimate friend. It was all I ever knew – once. I served my pain with decadent (or not so decadent) food! Sometimes I would gorge myself with it for hours. I would bring it wineContinue reading “Words of Widsom | Get Intimate with Your Pain”

Intentional Sin

It is difficult to believe that someone sets their heart on hurting a child, but it’s true. Many do! When you think of crimes against children, don’t forget all the calculations that have to be built around those acts. That is intentionality. Premeditated crimes. Thought out beforehand, these people spend a great deal of timeContinue reading “Intentional Sin”

A Healing Balm

Incest left a scorched path of intolerable pain that I needed healing for. No amount of reparenting my soul was going to touch that pain. A yoga session was not going to be able to quench the sting of this long-laid plan to destroy parts of me and still the lost integrity to my soul.Continue reading “A Healing Balm”