Fear of Man/Woman/Persons

Fear with a capital “F” stays with survivors of incest. It was a gift given to us at breakfast, served with soup at lunch, and gluttonously given at the dinner table. Fear had to be consumed by us for these households to operate smoothly. We probably don’t believe that we operate from a fear perspective.Continue reading “Fear of Man/Woman/Persons”

Shut the Mouths of Liars

Lord, could you help us hush those that align against the innocent? Push back those that hurt the young. Lord, help us stop those that mock justice and continue in their sin. Push back those that hurt the young. Shut the mouths of those that mistreat and hurt, then stand in the assemblies of peopleContinue reading “Shut the Mouths of Liars”

Moving On Up!

There is a destiny to healing. PEACE! I’ll carry my scars with me until I reach eternity, then they will be no more. For now, I carry on knowing I am okay. Sometimes in the night hours beautiful words echo through my soul. The dreadful demons of yesterday have now passed and I am leftContinue reading “Moving On Up!”


Softness is what my soul craves, In the morning, in evening, and in the afternoon; Softness like the breath of sunshine, this is what my soul desires. Where do you find softness in a harsh world? Softness is what my soul craves. Oh, softness, find me, Find me in the morning, in the evening, andContinue reading “Softness”

What Are Cherished Childhood Memories?

All the years I’ve spent in a counselor’s office trying to sift through the rubble of my childhood and heal, I never encountered the priceless, cherished moments that populate the early years of most. They just weren’t a commodity I was raised with. I’m not being a victim by sharing this, it’s just factual. AsContinue reading “What Are Cherished Childhood Memories?”

What Will You Choose?

Better a dry crust with peace and quiet, than a house full of feasting, with strife. proverbs 17:1 Incestuous families do not have peace and quiet. Why is it so hard to walk away from these atrocious families? Horrifyingly wicked they hold nothing for us. Yet, we stay. Why? Are we so lonely that weContinue reading “What Will You Choose?”

The Crime Scene

This is the motel where she was murdered. I’ve driven by thousands of times during my life. I’m so tired of seeing that run down place but the constant reminder is part of what helped push me toward healing. I think I’m ready to move on now but I have to leave her behind. IContinue reading “The Crime Scene”

The Distinguished

I have qualities in this life that I would not have if I didn’t come through tragedy. Tragedy has engaged some of the finest characteristics that I just wouldn’t have found without the experience. Because I am alive and another woman is buried 20 or 30 feet under the ground and will never see theContinue reading “The Distinguished”

The Meadows

Isn’t life lived mostly in the meadows? Sometimes we hit high peaks in the mountains, sometimes we’re in a blue valley, but most of the time life is lived on an even keel for me now. It’s hard to be ordinary, isn’t it? It’s hard to live in constant pain and it’s hard to liveContinue reading “The Meadows”

Still Water

Traversing childhood traumatic experiences leaves my soul wandering sometimes. It is as if it took all the stillness out of my being. Relearning? Relearn what? I was never taught anything about stillness. Sure, I had to sit still. I had to be calm for my father, but stillness – internally, you know the thing thatContinue reading “Still Water”

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