Is God Fair?

If I were sitting in an audience waiting for the play Life is Fair to begin, I’d most likely get up and walk out. Life isn’t fair. Is God? I believe He is. God didn’t hurt me, wicked people did. The Spirit of Religion was sent to kill, steal and destroy. Incest sits squarely inContinue reading “Is God Fair?”

WWW | Wellness Words Wednesday | Denial vs. Emotions

The first weapon against abusive attacks when you are small is to find an area of your brain to place the bad — and, leave it there. While that is how God designed us to make it through those unsafe years, we have to change that pattern now to heal. Denial leaves a thick impenetrableContinue reading “WWW | Wellness Words Wednesday | Denial vs. Emotions”

WWW | Wellness Words Wednesday | Contagious

When you learn how to trust your memories, they will return to you. The next time your mind tries to show you something from your past, you will allow it. It becomes contagious. What do I mean? Memories and tragedy sit inside you like a dead carcess eating away all the good. The rotting emulsionContinue reading “WWW | Wellness Words Wednesday | Contagious”

WWW | Wellness Words Wednesday | When It Feels Like You’re Losing

A verdict was given yesterday to woman in a liable suit. She won $5 million against Donald Trump. Seriously? I am so offended. Power, money and politics – seems the only thing this court system gives a care about. What about the deeply traumatized person just trying to survive? What about them? When is justiceContinue reading “WWW | Wellness Words Wednesday | When It Feels Like You’re Losing”

WWW | Wellness Words Wednesday | Find Beauty in the Moments

For Christmas one year, my beautiful grown daughters put together a box that held memories of our time together as they grew. In this glass trove they placed strips of paper that each of them had written capturing treasures I had shared with them that they now wanted me to reflect on and enjoy. SuchContinue reading “WWW | Wellness Words Wednesday | Find Beauty in the Moments”

WWW | Wellness Word Wednesday

Today’s word: Rejection. To me the deepest pain in life is all born out of rejection. What makes incest so ugly is that it is family. Family is supposed to care, nurture, protect, and love. Those words are so far from rejection. What is abuse? Childhood crimes fall squarely into these definitions. Taking both ofContinue reading “WWW | Wellness Word Wednesday”

Comfort ~ How Do You Find Comfort?

Pain and fear are two separate things. I can fear pain, pain can create fear, but they are separate. Pain and fear have been in my life longer than anything else. Love and living a pain-free live — that’s relatively new. Comfort has a few definitions: One comfort is for our flesh and bones. TheContinue reading “Comfort ~ How Do You Find Comfort?”


What does deity stand for? It is any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force. A personification of a force? This sounds like a description of every abuser I have known. They play God in the life of theirContinue reading “Deity”

Controlled Anger

Tears have streamed down my face as I’ve been offered let down after let down in life. Example: My oldest daughter is hit in the face by her father. The police come and arrest him. During the interview, she tells the police officer and later child protective services that her father sexually abused her. Outcome:Continue reading “Controlled Anger”

Do You Feel Laughed At?

Entry from my journal dated May 24, 2006: The day is undetermined. The future echoes the same. Where will I be in 15years. Answers undetermined. Mine not yet to know.Will I prevail in a lawsuit against Cathy? Or silently do I subside into the side shadows. Unknown. I wrote those words 16 years, 9 months,Continue reading “Do You Feel Laughed At?”

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