My Father’s Cloak of Religion

Wicked schemes like incest are born from pure evil. How does evil hide itself? Often veiled in a religious clock of denial. Oh, he was a righteous man. He knew the bible and went to church. What a great cover story! The man who took my virginity now gets to teach me about god. ThisContinue reading “My Father’s Cloak of Religion”

Justice, Justice ~ When there is no Justice ~

Habakkuk’s Complaint 2 How long, Lord, must I call for help,    but you do not listen?Or cry out to you, “Violence!”    but you do not save?3 Why do you make me look at injustice?    Why do you tolerate wrongdoing? Habakkuk was a prophet in the Old Testament. He was tired of looking at people get away with violence and destruction. I findContinue reading “Justice, Justice ~ When there is no Justice ~”

F N’ F

On the discussion of fear — ask yourself this question: “Are you a perfectionist? Too strong of a statement? Ok — Do you carry a lot of eternal pressure? I have a lot of internal pressure I put on myself. Self-imposed perfection that I strive for. Self-imposed fear of failure and fear of disappointing others.Continue reading “F N’ F”

Justice ~ Where do I find it?

A murdered woman lays at the bottom of a pile of rubbish. Where do I find justice for her? My children’s father abused our children in ways no child should have to suffer through. Where do I find justice for them? In my own life, time and time again, I have been betrayed by theContinue reading “Justice ~ Where do I find it?”