Lily of the Valley

They grow in the valleys and in the field. They may even grow among thorns. Sometimes, they are cultivated to grow in planted gardens. The lily grows rapidly and commonly in many places. Charles W. Fry in 1881 wrote a hymn titled The Lily of the Valley in London for the Salvation Army. The openingContinue reading “Lily of the Valley”

Fear Finds Fault

When my first husband got throat cancer, he called and wanted to see the kids. After discussion and a call to my therapist, we allowed him to come visit. We called it “radical grace.” During this visit, he attempted an apology to our children, which he later recanted when he didn’t die, and said somethingContinue reading “Fear Finds Fault”

Hush Little Baby

Don’t you cry. I never heard those words as a child and I’m pretty sure I didn’t give those words very often to my children. I gave the comfort I could, but was it enough? I’m sure it was not. Comfort in trauma is an elusive thing. We can learn calming techniques and that helps.Continue reading “Hush Little Baby”

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