Terror, Unrealized

Children don’t have the luxury of allowing their terror to rein and that is life altering. When an adult is raped, they have recourse — most of the time they tell, they receive counseling, and sympathy. The perps might not receive full justice but an adult has many options to let their terror loose. AContinue reading “Terror, Unrealized”


And, despair. My childhood was plagued with signs of it. Beyond my reoccurring nightmare of my father raping a woman, I did many other strange things trying to work out this mysterious puzzle that I hid inside me. Trauma takes on funny ways of revealing itself when it is outside of your mind’s eye. TheContinue reading “D E A T H”

Just Hold On

Sometimes the only strength I had left in my being was just the ability to get through one more day. So, that’s just what I did. I held on for one more day. When I was going through the memories of the murder through nightmares, flashbacks, and work with my counselor, I lived in aContinue reading “Just Hold On”

Night Disturbances

The dream is in black and white. We’re in an office setting and my father has a women pinned against a desk. The dream ends with him pushing her head down on the desk and pulling up her skirt. I couldn’t decipher that nightmare as a child, but throughout my life, it never changed. WhatContinue reading “Night Disturbances”

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