WWW | Wednesday Words of Wisdom | Still Not Telling Your Story?

As a child, the first thing we learn when coming through childhood tragedies is to remain quiet. Don’t tell is the very first rule we are given. The problem is we did see, we did hear and we still didn’t tell. If we are ever going to change our pasts, we have to break theContinue reading “WWW | Wednesday Words of Wisdom | Still Not Telling Your Story?”

WWW | Wednesday Words of Wisdom | Birthed for Suffering?

There is a saying that “Jesus was born to die.” If Jesus was born to die, I was birthed to suffer. I don’t recall a day in my childhood that didn’t have suffering in it. Maybe I had moments where I enjoyed something – an ice cream, a bike ride, but there was always embeddedContinue reading “WWW | Wednesday Words of Wisdom | Birthed for Suffering?”

WWW | Wednesday Words of Wisdom | What Was Stolen from You?

When we learn to articiulate what our abuse took from us, we can grieve appropriately and begin to heal. If we sit in a muck of undiscovery, never articulating what we feel, we stay stuck, unhealed and a stranger to ourselves. Why discuss it? If you were a child when these sexual crimes happened toContinue reading “WWW | Wednesday Words of Wisdom | What Was Stolen from You?”

Never Give In

Hindered by my family, I’ve struggled to carry on in the truth. Walking in a way that is abhorrent to the people I came through has proved extremely difficult. I’ve stalled out many times but I have never given up. Those that were to love and protect me did nothing of the sort. When IContinue reading “Never Give In”

A “Childless” Child

No child lived within me after the age of 3. I was grown by then. Given over fully to a life of survival. I don’t remember what act brought me to the threshold of the death of my inner child. Was it the death of a stranger I’d witnessed or was it the sexual assaultContinue reading “A “Childless” Child”

A Mouth of Decay & Rot

Do you know what keeps incest alive? People who know how to keep a secret, that’s how. The underbelly of the snake of incest can only be exposed with the action of words. The words of its victims. This battle started with my belief system. What would I believe? Who would I believe? Would IContinue reading “A Mouth of Decay & Rot”

Hope Springs Eternal

I had a ghastly beginning. I can’t know why and I just don’t ask that question any longer. The English poet Alexander Pope wrote, “Hope springs eternal in the human breast: Man never is, but always to be blest.” My sights are on eternity. How to get there and where I’m going is easy, thatContinue reading “Hope Springs Eternal”


I think we all would like to believe we are no longer in collusion with our abusers. That can only be true when we’ve stopped the secretive cooperation with them. This deceitful agreement we have with them keeps us quiet. I knew when I was no longer in collusion with my family. It was whenContinue reading “Collusion”

The Scream of the Brokenhearted

Why do friends and family abandon people who suffer? Some can’t handle the intense environment – they don’t want to be around pain and suffering. It’s too uncomfortable. For others, they have little sympathy and hear everything as whining or victimhood. Cry for your pain, anyway! Wear your suffering on your sleeve until you noContinue reading “The Scream of the Brokenhearted”

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