Going on a Road Trip? Take the Audiobook with You

Each one of us needs community. All survivors could use a tribe they trust. Join me as I share my journey, raw and real. This is for the brokenhearted person stumbling their way through life. This is not a story for the bystander looking in. Here’s on reviewer from the UK, his title “Bizzare,” hisContinue reading “Going on a Road Trip? Take the Audiobook with You”

Audiobook Now Available thru Amazon Audible

I am so proud of the completion of the audiobook. I am the narrator and painstakingly took the time needed for attention to the detail of my words, the nuances of the situation and so on. The audiobook is 10 hours and 2 minutes long. 93% of sexual offenders describe themselves as “religious.” This leavesContinue reading “Audiobook Now Available thru Amazon Audible”

Audiobook Now Avaiable

I have had so many requests for the audiobook format of A Prisoner by No Crime of My Own. It’s here! The length is 9 hours and 34 minutes. It will be available on Audible shortly, but it can be purchased and downloaded through my website here:

Book Giveaway | 20 Print Books

##GIVEAWAY | I am giving away 20 paperback books of my newly released book A Prisoner by No Crime of My Own! Noir Memoir True Crime | Buy A Copy Today on Amazon ##GIVEAWAY | My goal is that we be encouraged in heart and united in love.  How to win: Giveaway ends 2/1/2023. Winners will beContinue reading “Book Giveaway | 20 Print Books”

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