Stand Still

Worry, fret, condemnation, and guilt plague the hearts of incest survivors. We question things that others cannot conceive. We grapple with worth in a dimension that is unequaled to others. Isn’t incest the greatest weapon of darkness? It takes everything from a child except their heartbeat. Worth is tainted. Love is twisted. Safety doesn’t exist.Continue reading “Stand Still”

A Triumphant Entry

Enter healing celebrating your victory. Hope is what sees us through. Too much focusing on unhealed parts will cause you to stumble. We cannot camp where our pain began. It’s a passing through the territory to tear down the strongholds. Don’t stay too long. Exploring the darkness of my past has taken as many yearsContinue reading “A Triumphant Entry”

Masculinity Maimed

There is a lot of talk about how childhood sexual abuse hurts a woman, destroys her worth and mocks her femininity. But, what about a little boy that comes through such tragedy? What happens when a little boy’s father is his abuser? Or his uncle? Or male cousin? How does that little boy perceive masculinityContinue reading “Masculinity Maimed”

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