Connection is Key

One this road of redemptive recovery, connection has been something I’ve had to look at – a lot. Not just bad connections, but those connections that I once deemed as good. Not all relationships meet the criteria. Some people must go and some people must stay. The decision of these crossroads can be precariously dangerous.

A Choice Chair

Who will sit in the chair beside you? Will it be your abuser? When it’s a family member, many times the chair beside you holds an abuser. What do you do with that? For years I sat beside my abusers. I ate Christmas dinner with them, passed rolls and shared dessert together. I pretended, justContinue reading “A Choice Chair”

Discouraged and Discarded

I went to the police about the murder and they ultimately discarded the case when my father died. So, the accomplice gets off scot-free and ends his days on earth fulfilling his pleasures. I am so tired. I’m scared to try and resurrect this beast again but I’m going to try. I long to makeContinue reading “Discouraged and Discarded”