Is God Fair?

If I were sitting in an audience waiting for the play Life is Fair to begin, I’d most likely get up and walk out. Life isn’t fair. Is God? I believe He is. God didn’t hurt me, wicked people did. The Spirit of Religion was sent to kill, steal and destroy. Incest sits squarely inContinue reading “Is God Fair?”

Shut the Mouths of Liars

Lord, could you help us hush those that align against the innocent? Push back those that hurt the young. Lord, help us stop those that mock justice and continue in their sin. Push back those that hurt the young. Shut the mouths of those that mistreat and hurt, then stand in the assemblies of peopleContinue reading “Shut the Mouths of Liars”

A Moment of Silence

Father, I come to you this morning in a word of quiet, Please remember today all the mothers, father, sisters, brothers, cousins and extended family members who lay fallen under the weight and consequences of incestuous choices. Theirs actions are noted by you. Their steps and conducts of darkness do not escape you. In miseryContinue reading “A Moment of Silence”

A Crescent Moon

Time on my patio the other evening ended with the beautiful appearance of a crescent moon. The crescent moon is a symbol of new beginnings, hope, and optimism. It signifies the waxing phase of the lunar cycle- when night becomes day in its fullest form. This phase can also be seen as representing life’s journey fromContinue reading “A Crescent Moon”

Injustice. Injustice. Injustice.

Waiting for justice for a crime you’ve witnessed or endured is a miserable kind of waiting because you don’t know what you’re waiting for. What will the outcome be? Will justice be served or will your hope be dashed to the ground while the perpetrator walks away, scot-free! What will justice look like? While IContinue reading “Injustice. Injustice. Injustice.”

The Crime Scene

This is the motel where she was murdered. I’ve driven by thousands of times during my life. I’m so tired of seeing that run down place but the constant reminder is part of what helped push me toward healing. I think I’m ready to move on now but I have to leave her behind. IContinue reading “The Crime Scene”

Stretch Out Your Arms

To a God that is able to help you. This isn’t weakness, it’s strength. You cannot do this healing journey alone. You were not meant to. Have you ever asked yourself the question why you prefer to try to heal yourself? The treacheries and betrayal our hearts have endured leave an impactful imprint. It screechesContinue reading “Stretch Out Your Arms”

A Poisoned Pill

Most pedophiles I know hide behind the cowardly spirit of religion. What a shame! The shame is that it makes most abused people hate God. God didn’t do it. God is also not hypocrite or religious. Here’s what Jesus said about religious people in Mark 7: Don’t swallow the pill of religion. It’s full ofContinue reading “A Poisoned Pill”

Fear of Discovery

“I’m so thankful that experience happened to you, and not me,” is the thought process of most people that happen upon my story. You know why we don’t want to talk about our stories? The fear of discovering our truest self. Our experiences define parts of us, not all of us. I am all tooContinue reading “Fear of Discovery”

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