Acting is Reacting

In a home of incest I always felt like I was acting. I was given a role in the cast but I was never given a script. It’s a terrible way to live unless your reality is miserable and cannot be talked about. Performers of the grandest kind often come from homes of neglect andContinue reading “Acting is Reacting”

Does Prince Charming Exist?

When I left the theatre, he was standing at the stage door, the handsomest man I’d ever seen. My heart missed a couple of beats. Honest, I knew the minute I laid eyes on him that this was going to be something in my life, something I’d been wanting a long, long, time. I closedContinue reading “Does Prince Charming Exist?”

Scope of Judgment

The pursuit of happiness, the hunt to end pain – much of this all can seem meaningless. Does pain end? Is happiness something that is attainable? Why do I waste my words talking about such ugliness? My days on this earth are numbered. I won’t be here forever and I know this is not myContinue reading “Scope of Judgment”

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