Bananas & Popsicles

Things that I love! I loved blowing bubbles with my children. The act of gooey fingers dipping in the syrupy bubble sauce and raising the wand to your mouth was just so much fun. The sheer delight of little fingers racing after the whirling air bubbles. Nothing like it. The taste of an ice creamContinue reading “Bananas & Popsicles”

Isolation = Vulnerability

We need connection. Period. I know that people are the very thing that broke my world. When I couldn’t trust anyone, I trusted God. I have learned that isolating myself (which I was formerly very fond of) did nothing good for me. I may have perceived safety by being alone, but isolation is lonely andContinue reading “Isolation = Vulnerability”

Freedom Bells

Freedom, what is freedom? Freedom is defined as the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. I love that! It is beyond refreshing. The power to act, speak and think as you want? I was not raised that way. Jesus said, “He [the Spirit of the Lord]Continue reading “Freedom Bells”

My Equity is with God

My value and worth wholly belong to my Father in Heaven. As I struggle in my humanity, I’m often faced with an edge of hopelessness. Will my pain end? Will I see an end to suffering? I don’t have a timeline for when or if my healing on earth will be complete, but I doContinue reading “My Equity is with God”

Sorrow is Better than Laughter

because a sad face is good for the heart. Ecclesiastes 7:3. My youngest daughter told me last night her desire to reach her pain; the pain of yet another story of incest. I had to go to bed and cry. She is my baby girl. Could there not be one thing that was scarred fromContinue reading “Sorrow is Better than Laughter”

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