Fiercely Free

My struggle is not what it used to be. It just isn’t. My heart doesn’t camp by the misery as long any more. Am I saying I walk without any pain? Nope. What I am saying is this: I don’t walk with darkness beside me. The little girl that was so unkept and unloved, sheContinue reading “Fiercely Free”

The Timbers That Fell

Do not believe that pedophiles get off scot-free. I believe they do not. My father and his friend got away with murder. On my father’s death bed I told him the “other guy” might be going to jail. My father said, “for the child molestation?” And I said, “No, dad, for the murder.” You seeContinue reading “The Timbers That Fell”

Dog Day Dead

When we keep our stories locked up inside us, denying their validity, we do more than suffer; we perpetuate death. Death is the action of dying. Only telling the truth ends this cycle. Millions of abused people end up with diseases, illness and sickness of all kinds. Disabilities abound in the land of denial. BreakingContinue reading “Dog Day Dead”

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