Injustice. Injustice. Injustice.

Waiting for justice for a crime you’ve witnessed or endured is a miserable kind of waiting because you don’t know what you’re waiting for. What will the outcome be? Will justice be served or will your hope be dashed to the ground while the perpetrator walks away, scot-free! What will justice look like? While IContinue reading “Injustice. Injustice. Injustice.”

A Puzzle / A Myth

When I shared my story through the eyes of my abusers, my story didn’t add up. I was living a real puzzle. My story buried under the ruble of denial, it had become just a myth. Without the truth beside me, I stayed in bad relationships. With missing pieces of who I was I stayedContinue reading “A Puzzle / A Myth”

On Rejection

Loneliness envelops the person that has been rejected. Light shines dimly from their eyes. The gathering of their soul mocks the ability to breathe. Oh, rejection, I’ve known it well. What is abuse if not the severest form of rejection? Even Jesus cried out on the cross, “My God, My God, why have you forsakenContinue reading “On Rejection”

Stretch Out Your Arms

To a God that is able to help you. This isn’t weakness, it’s strength. You cannot do this healing journey alone. You were not meant to. Have you ever asked yourself the question why you prefer to try to heal yourself? The treacheries and betrayal our hearts have endured leave an impactful imprint. It screechesContinue reading “Stretch Out Your Arms”

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