Teach the young the lessons you’ve learned, Tell them the scars you carry. Absolve and comfort them with each grief you’ve had, So they learn the ways and which ones to bury. Carry on with strength and dignity, Believing in yourself and the hope of each new day. Tell them the scars you carry, ForContinue reading “Teach”

Cherished Cherries

The modern maraschino cherry, developed by Oregon Agricultural College professor Ernest H. Wiegand in the 1920s, gave cherry farmers a way to preserve their sweet Royal Anne cherries without alcohol. They are colored a vibrant red. I loved these cherries as a child. Every once in awhile, you’d get one on an ice sundae or someContinue reading “Cherished Cherries”

Courage to Fail

Isn’t that what it takes to love? The galloping meadows of life are won through loss and failure. Which one of us ever made it to the top without failures? And, by the way, what is the top? For some, it’s a great upbringing, then college, then off to raise a family of their ownContinue reading “Courage to Fail”

A Mortal Wound

Incest and all childhood sexual abuse is truly life threatening. It is a mortal wound. Will you live or will you die? A mortal wound is an injury that will ultimately lead to a person’s death. Mortal refers to the mortality of a human. Being strong gets old. Looking for the glass half full isContinue reading “A Mortal Wound”

Precious Cargo

In the night hours, sometimes my soul aches for change. Sometimes, now in the night hours, my soul is relieved that I have passed through the worst part of healing. Sometimes in the night hours I soothe myself by crying out to God. Sometimes in the night hours I still feel like that little girlContinue reading “Precious Cargo”

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