We all have them. Physical scars. Emotional scars. Spiritual scars. They represent having survived a harm that has been done, a damage inflicted, but they also represent a healing has occurred, don’t they? To have a scar is not so much about what you survived, as it is about how you have healed from an affliction,Continue reading “Scars…”

Mirror Mirror ~ How Do You See Yourself?

Introspection — what better way to start a week. Question: How would you describe yourself right now? The description I use for myself — to myself — determines how I am treated. In the not too distant past, I viewed myself with the lowlifes, the users, the drinkers, those that abuse themselves and others. NotContinue reading “Mirror Mirror ~ How Do You See Yourself?”

WW | Words of Wisdom | Letting Go . . . of . . . D E A T H

Suicide and death are such a common theme among incest survivors. You know why? It’s all murder, that’s why. I only saw my father a handful of times after that. He had chosen deceit and the battle between us was on. About six months before this illness, I’d dreamt that my father was milling aboutContinue reading “WW | Words of Wisdom | Letting Go . . . of . . . D E A T H”

Mirror Mirror ~ When the Mind Forgets

Introspection — what better way to start a week. Question: Don’t I deserve to know myself fully? Traumatic Amnesia Amnesia is usually the result of physical damage to areas of the brain from injury, disease, or alcoholism. Psychologic factors may also cause amnesia; a shocking or unacceptable situation may be too painful to remember, andContinue reading “Mirror Mirror ~ When the Mind Forgets”

Jewels, Gems & Gunpowder

I would love to hear from you! Sharing Saturday with you. A Jewel: I hold no contempt for my family of origin. I do not feel they are beneath me, worthless or deserve scorn. Living by them in childhood I knew something even then — they were prisoners to desires they could not control. TheyContinue reading “Jewels, Gems & Gunpowder”

Fear Not Friday | What Do I Carry in My Heart?

On the discussion of fear, I often wonder what I have hidden in the recesses of my heart. A treacherous beginning in childhood left caverns of unknowns locked away in me and I’ve been searching for them ever since. They are hard to locate later in life. Jesus had an interesting conversation about the “heart”Continue reading “Fear Not Friday | What Do I Carry in My Heart?”

WWW | Wednesday Words of Wisdom | FAVOR

When I lived at home with my father, I was favored. His favor included being backhanded when I showed the slightest sign of disobedience, rape, sodomy and playing the game Risk. Oh, my family envied my favor with my father. You see, growing up in a home where the only attention you receive is abuse,Continue reading “WWW | Wednesday Words of Wisdom | FAVOR”

Fear Not Friday | Sound Judgment

On the discussion of fear, do you have a good fear of religious people? If you don’t — you should. Paul warned the Colossians about such people when he said, “I tell you this so that no one may deceive you by fine-sounding arguments.” From BibRef, “The Greek word Paul uses is paralogizētai, which means “toContinue reading “Fear Not Friday | Sound Judgment”

Mirror Mirror ~ Pitch A Fit

Introspection — what better way to start a week. Question: Does my body belong to me or is it more of a public space? Coming through childhood sexual trauma wreaks havoc on our own personal space. We have none. If children grow up in such an environment, what do you suppose happens in later yearsContinue reading “Mirror Mirror ~ Pitch A Fit”

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