Are you trying to find God?

God speaks to us if we are listening. How often do you stop to hear him? Prayer is like a phone call to heaven. When God picks up the phone and says, “Hello,” we hang up because we’ve said all we have to say. Did we stop and wait for his response? So many timesContinue reading “Are you trying to find God?”

An Appetite for Change

Healing takes a mindset of growth. As a seed becomes a plant, there is visible change. The same was true in my life. The more I healed, the more everything starting to look just a little bit different. Many of my relationships in life took drastic turns: from the men I dated, to the peopleContinue reading “An Appetite for Change”

Am I A Murderer

When I was three and a half years old, I murdered a woman. I spent the next 50 years retracing and recovering bent memories that had long been buried by the great force of denial. I went back and fought to uncover the truth that had been buried on 40 acres, in a sink hole,Continue reading “Am I A Murderer”