Lame, But Not Disabled

I entered adult life lame. I was weak and fell behind the others around me. I married my first husband at 18 to get away from my parents. He, of course, was a classic abuser and royal asshole. My attempts to keep myself and my children safe around him, never seemed to work. I wasContinue reading “Lame, But Not Disabled”

WWW | Wednesday Words of Wisdom | Still Not Telling Your Story?

As a child, the first thing we learn when coming through childhood tragedies is to remain quiet. Don’t tell is the very first rule we are given. The problem is we did see, we did hear and we still didn’t tell. If we are ever going to change our pasts, we have to break theContinue reading “WWW | Wednesday Words of Wisdom | Still Not Telling Your Story?”

WWW | Wednesday Words of Wisdom | Birthed for Suffering?

There is a saying that “Jesus was born to die.” If Jesus was born to die, I was birthed to suffer. I don’t recall a day in my childhood that didn’t have suffering in it. Maybe I had moments where I enjoyed something – an ice cream, a bike ride, but there was always embeddedContinue reading “WWW | Wednesday Words of Wisdom | Birthed for Suffering?”

WWW | Wednesday Words of Wisdom | What Was Stolen from You?

When we learn to articiulate what our abuse took from us, we can grieve appropriately and begin to heal. If we sit in a muck of undiscovery, never articulating what we feel, we stay stuck, unhealed and a stranger to ourselves. Why discuss it? If you were a child when these sexual crimes happened toContinue reading “WWW | Wednesday Words of Wisdom | What Was Stolen from You?”

Why Do You Get Your Past, But I Don’t Get Mine?

If people with good childhoods get to tell their story and hang onto their past, why don’t those of us with bad upbringings get the same privilege? Everyone around me gets the privilege of recalling & telling childhood memories – except for me. Everyone reminisces about the stuff that made them who they are –Continue reading “Why Do You Get Your Past, But I Don’t Get Mine?”

Words of Wisdom | Convicting the Guilty

Convict as a verb means to find or prove to be guilty. Usually this is in a court of law before a judge and jury. What if your case never makes if before a judge and jury? The lack of conviction is devastating in the life of victims. Most victims of childhood crimes rarely seekContinue reading “Words of Wisdom | Convicting the Guilty”

WWW | Wellness Word Wednesday | TRIUMPH

Have you ever considered yourself a winner? You should! It was a great victory to make it out of childhood abuse. That acheivement should be celebrated. By looking at ourselves *(YOU SEE YOU), we can find the treasures hidden in our lives — and we have many. By focusing on those that hurt us throughContinue reading “WWW | Wellness Word Wednesday | TRIUMPH”

Life’s Delicate Balance

I can have anger and not hate. I can love and not forgive. I can forgive and leave. The older I get the more I realize that life is about balance. Coming thru such severe childhood trauma I often get stuck in an off-balance kind of place — everything is good or everything is bad.Continue reading “Life’s Delicate Balance”

Is God Fair?

If I were sitting in an audience waiting for the play Life is Fair to begin, I’d most likely get up and walk out. Life isn’t fair. Is God? I believe He is. God didn’t hurt me, wicked people did. The Spirit of Religion was sent to kill, steal and destroy. Incest sits squarely inContinue reading “Is God Fair?”

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