Guilt, Persausion, Mood

Whatever the challenge is facing you today, I pray that you remember yourself. See yourself and be grateful you’ve made it this far. Childhood tragedy and trauma are inexplicable. The person without the experience will never understand the trauma. Period. I don’t care how much you read about our experiences. I don’t care how muchContinue reading “Guilt, Persausion, Mood”


Imagine with me a victim that has lost their teeth. Their shame and pain would show, wouldn’t it? How much we all hide. We hide behind fake stories. We put on a distant smile. We cover our pain with fake hair, fake nails, and whatever else we can buy. If someone had the ability toContinue reading “Comfort”

Clasp Your Hands

The healing balm that God offers lives nowhere else. Modalities of healing are fine. They don’t carry the ability to heal a broken heart. Deeply stricken during my darkest memories, sometimes all I had was to go to bed, pull the covers up, hold my bible tightly to my chest and pray. It’s what savedContinue reading “Clasp Your Hands”

Anguish Squelched

When you give voice to your pain it suppresses the output of anguish. What do I mean? The last time I spoke with my mother and oldest sister, I gave words to my anguish. So much so I sounded like a screeching ostrich, I suppose. The next morning, my husband came to me and said, “MaybeContinue reading “Anguish Squelched”

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