What Will You Choose?

Better a dry crust with peace and quiet, than a house full of feasting, with strife. proverbs 17:1 Incestuous families do not have peace and quiet. Why is it so hard to walk away from these atrocious families? Horrifyingly wicked they hold nothing for us. Yet, we stay. Why? Are we so lonely that weContinue reading “What Will You Choose?”

Defeat Desires

Coming from childhood sexual abuse I brought with me a plethora of desires that I hadn’t conceived. Instead of playing with dolls as a small girl, I found ways to masturbate and manipulate the sexual parts of me. It was what I was taught. Anal curiosity came from sodomy as sure as watching my momContinue reading “Defeat Desires”

A Conscience Confession

Many struggles met me when I was actively redeeming the parts of my past that needed healing. One of the hardest for me was going back and confronting the people who hurt me. When my mind’s eye was closed and I didn’t see their crimes, it was much easier for me to be around myContinue reading “A Conscience Confession”

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