This dark emotion is not from the throne of God. God convicts. Guilt condemns. _______________________________________________________________________________ G – Gulping other peoples information U – Unified against yourself I – Imagining their life L – Lies, Lies, Lies T – Traitor to yourself _______________________________________________________________________________ You see you – U C U! Take your eyes off your abuser.

Mighty Ones

Little ones that come through childhood tragedies are warriors in every sense of the word. Engaged in struggle and conflict their tiny, developing souls must fight. There is no other option. Shouldn’t we be fighting along side of them? As a society we should be watching and looking for children who need help. Abandoned fromContinue reading “Mighty Ones”

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late?

Can’t healing just be exhausting? Wasn’t it hard enough just living through chronic abuse? Now we’re being tasked to heal! Oh, brother. It gets old. Doesn’t it? I’ll tell you what gets older than working on healing the past – NOT healing the past. That’s a straight-up train wreck. I’m 57 years old now andContinue reading “Too Much, Too Little, Too Late?”

A Lion’s Roar

I am not left alone to face these dragons of incest. I have a God that not only walks beside me, He roars at the injustices He sees. Unspeakable acts that are perpetrated against children and these abusers think they get off – scot-free. I am here to bear witness to the fact that judgmentContinue reading “A Lion’s Roar”