Lambaste Mediocrity

I am weary with the fight for justice in a world that shuts down the voice of victims. What do I mean? Christian people who have platforms they could use to aid God’s wounded soldiers — that’s why they have a platform, right? Wrong! How do they use their platforms to find the brokenhearted? HowContinue reading “Lambaste Mediocrity”

Stand Still

Worry, fret, condemnation, and guilt plague the hearts of incest survivors. We question things that others cannot conceive. We grapple with worth in a dimension that is unequaled to others. Isn’t incest the greatest weapon of darkness? It takes everything from a child except their heartbeat. Worth is tainted. Love is twisted. Safety doesn’t exist.Continue reading “Stand Still”

Mighty Ones

Little ones that come through childhood tragedies are warriors in every sense of the word. Engaged in struggle and conflict their tiny, developing souls must fight. There is no other option. Shouldn’t we be fighting along side of them? As a society we should be watching and looking for children who need help. Abandoned fromContinue reading “Mighty Ones”

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