Pain is a Pansy

The Urban Dictionary defines a pansy as weak and hyper sensitive, often acting like everything is a bigger problem than it actually is, and in most cases, beats themselves up over stupid things. Isn’t that precisely what it feels like to live with pain? While encased in the throws of deep healing, I was a bit ofContinue reading “Pain is a Pansy”

Diving for Memories

Memories for the abused are unwanted. In conversation, the goal is to listen to the person I’m talking with. People love sharing their stories and I’m a good listener. My memories aren’t worth being shared. A pretender I am not. Fishing through the past I could throw away all the burdensome darkness or I couldContinue reading “Diving for Memories”

A Conscience Confession

Many struggles met me when I was actively redeeming the parts of my past that needed healing. One of the hardest for me was going back and confronting the people who hurt me. When my mind’s eye was closed and I didn’t see their crimes, it was much easier for me to be around myContinue reading “A Conscience Confession”