Helpless, Until I Was Not

In my mother’s womb was darkness, The darkness continued both day and night; When I was born, I was alone, The darkness continued both day and night; As I child I walked in terror, The darkness continued both day and night; I was raped as a teenager, The darkness continued both day and night; WhenContinue reading “Helpless, Until I Was Not”

A Pocket Full of Promise

My childhood was filled with broken promises. Thinking back, I’m not sure I even knew what a promise was. A promise was something that was supposed to be fulfilled and included hope – neither of these things were commodities in our home. I can remember one promise. My mother told me and my siblings toContinue reading “A Pocket Full of Promise”

A Well Crafted Escape

One didn’t exist for me. The longer the abuse lasted in my life, the more I would try to detail what an escape from my parents would look like. A bullet in my mother’s head? That would stop her. I fantasized about tying my dad up, bringing him into his bathroom and placing him onContinue reading “A Well Crafted Escape”

The Lone Survivor

Incest is a particularly cruel beast. I wasn’t just subjected to inhumane treatment at the hands of my family, I also had to choose what side of the road I was going to stand on. For years, I tried to stay with that corrupt family. It just didn’t work for me. I learned later thatContinue reading “The Lone Survivor”

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