Mirror Mirror ~ Who do you influence?

Introspection — what better way to start a week. Question: Who do you influence and who influences you? Coming from a lifestyle of trauma, I didn’t believe I influenced anybody. And, I didn’t believe anyone really influenced me. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The way I saw this fallen world was that there wereContinue reading “Mirror Mirror ~ Who do you influence?”


Which person really hates themselves? It can feel like we hate ourselves, at times, but we do feed our bodies (most of the time), take bathes, walk, and do a few things that would say we like ourselves. Ask yourself this question, “Do you like who you are?” I ask this question to people andContinue reading “Unwavering”

Jaded ~ There are Two Sides of Depression

I wasn’t the depressed guy that stayed in bed all day, let their house fall apart around them, and never did the dishes. That just wasn’t me. I falsely believed that because I went constantly, I wasn’t depressed. When questioned by my counselor if I was depressed, I’d say an emphatic no. I wasn’t theContinue reading “Jaded ~ There are Two Sides of Depression”

Deliver Me

We don’t use this phrase often, but the bible does. The word deliver is a verb and means, provide (something promised or expected). I needed to be delivered from so many things. An abusive childhood, an awful marriage, addiction, depression, fear — I could go on and on. I needed deliverance. DELIVERANCE, n. 1. the actionContinue reading “Deliver Me”

Mirror Mirror ~ Who do you blame?

Introspection — what better way to start a week. Question: Who do you blame for the pain in your life? Pain is defined as “physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury.” Pain has a beginning. Does pain have an end? That’s an interesting question. I believe it does. Blame takes away accountability. JustContinue reading “Mirror Mirror ~ Who do you blame?”

Mirror Mirror ~ Chasing Love

Introspection — what better way to start a week. Question: Do you chase a love that is not returned to you? Year upon grueling year I chased love. The love of friendship. The love of men. The love of my parents. The love of my children. The love of my siblings. The list could goContinue reading “Mirror Mirror ~ Chasing Love”


Anguish is pain that cannot be quenched. Anguish seeks its own desire — it wants the pain to stop. Anguish unrelenting speaks its voice of frustration against the lack of justice. Anguish is its name. The dark fury that rises from pain. Pain that has lasted decades upon decades. Anguish is the result of lasting,Continue reading “Anguish”

Operation Storm

You want to get mad? Get mad at what happened to you. You want to let your anger out? Get mad at what happened to you. Do you want to scream at the person that just disrespected you? Instead, get mad at what happened to you. Do you want to crawl into bed and hide?Continue reading “Operation Storm”

On Rejection

Loneliness envelops the person that has been rejected. Light shines dimly from their eyes. The gathering of their soul mocks the ability to breathe. Oh, rejection, I’ve known it well. What is abuse if not the severest form of rejection? Even Jesus cried out on the cross, “My God, My God, why have you forsakenContinue reading “On Rejection”

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