Audiobook Now Available thru Amazon Audible

I am so proud of the completion of the audiobook. I am the narrator and painstakingly took the time needed for attention to the detail of my words, the nuances of the situation and so on. The audiobook is 10 hours and 2 minutes long. 93% of sexual offenders describe themselves as “religious.” This leavesContinue reading “Audiobook Now Available thru Amazon Audible”

Intentional Sin

It is difficult to believe that someone sets their heart on hurting a child, but it’s true. Many do! When you think of crimes against children, don’t forget all the calculations that have to be built around those acts. That is intentionality. Premeditated crimes. Thought out beforehand, these people spend a great deal of timeContinue reading “Intentional Sin”

Are your words twisted?

I don’t believe my words are twisted, but an abuser can represent them to others and change their meaning. Chaos and confusion doesn’t come from God. I’ve stayed close to him through the years and he guards me, teaches me, moves me on. He has helped me separate what my voice is and what myContinue reading “Are your words twisted?”

Do you fall prey to words of deception?

Abusers are either trying to deceive you or they become your accuser. One way or the other, it is all manipulation. I’ve lived with many of them. Abusive people want you to believe something that is not true, typically in order to gain some personal advantage. Not many people today use these old words, butContinue reading “Do you fall prey to words of deception?”

“Few people have the imagination for reality.”

Quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe a German poet, playwright and novelist, considered the greatest German literary figure of the modern era. He died in 1832. The courage to see reality has been around a very long time. Memory screams for interpretation, so it seems. Or does it? And, who should give that interpretation? TheContinue reading ““Few people have the imagination for reality.””

An Open Letter: To Those That Harm Children

Your secret is known. I will teach the children you hurt to talk. You will be found out. God is watching. He is the witness to each crime you have committed against a child. I am going to spend my life telling my story and teaching others that were hurt by you to tell theirContinue reading “An Open Letter: To Those That Harm Children”

Excuse Me?

Did you call me a liar? Let me ask you this, “Have you lived through my experience?” “Were you next to me when my memory returned?” The night hour sweats as another scene gorged its way through my denial. The terror of going to sleep. The body aches that returned as I walked through theContinue reading “Excuse Me?”

Terror, Unrealized

Children don’t have the luxury of allowing their terror to rein and that is life altering. When an adult is raped, they have recourse — most of the time they tell, they receive counseling, and sympathy. The perps might not receive full justice but an adult has many options to let their terror loose. AContinue reading “Terror, Unrealized”

Grief in Our World

The latest murders deafen our hearts with mystery and pain. Why? We will never know the why but I wonder what makes these atrocities activate in a human soul? I wonder if these souls have unspoken tragedy? One thing I know is society as a whole needs to work on solutions. Here’s a heartbreaking statistic:Continue reading “Grief in Our World”

Demand An Answer

Don’t walk away from the person that abused you and say nothing. Turn to them, look them squarely in the face, and demand an answer from them. Oh, they most likely won’t give you one, but ask for it anyway. Give yourself a gift! I stayed intimidated and looked the other way for years. ThatContinue reading “Demand An Answer”

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