The Pilgrimage of Pride

Typically, a pilgrimage is a physical journey to some place of special significance. The path of incest is such a journey. I’ve seen it far too many times. Pedophiles all seem to sound much the same. Their arguments are similar – filled with deceit and lies, and their pride is unmatched. They tear at theContinue reading “The Pilgrimage of Pride”

Apart From Death

Do coincidences exist? I want to write a book about the death and life of a woman I watched be murdered, so I buy and read books to learn how to write. I order a second hand copy of My Dark Places by James Ellroy to research. The book is about the author’s mother whoContinue reading “Apart From Death”

A Covenant of Love

If you’ve missed the part of my story where I saw my parents full of hope and love, I guess I haven’t shared that with you yet. Bonnie and Clyde loved each other deeply. In a bond against the world, they survived. I have sometimes compared my parents to this daring duo. Growing up, theyContinue reading “A Covenant of Love”

I’m Tired

I’m tired of telling the truth. I’m tired of looking back. I am tired of the struggle. It’s been such a heavy burden. I picked up this backpack and I’ve been carrying it around since I was about four. It’s a cool backpack with compartments everywhere, some of which are even hidden. One pocket hasContinue reading “I’m Tired”