Fear Not Friday | Do You Fear God is Full of Punishment?

On the discussion of fear, do you see God sitting in heaven holding a big stick ready to punish you? Mercy and grace can be differentiated as follows: mercy is the act of withholding deserved punishment, while grace is the act of endowing unmerited favor. In His mercy, God does not give us the punishmentContinue reading “Fear Not Friday | Do You Fear God is Full of Punishment?”

Lambaste Mediocrity

I am weary with the fight for justice in a world that shuts down the voice of victims. What do I mean? Christian people who have platforms they could use to aid God’s wounded soldiers — that’s why they have a platform, right? Wrong! How do they use their platforms to find the brokenhearted? HowContinue reading “Lambaste Mediocrity”

Spoiled or Neglected

Being “special” is an act of manipulation that abusers use all the time. The special time together, the special bond you share, the special time you get — we can walk on in life and hold onto these special times. Or we can begin to decipher the hidden message of abuse. My father treated meContinue reading “Spoiled or Neglected”

Courage to Defeat

Do you have the courage it takes to defeat those that hurt you? For years and years I did not. I let everyone walk right over me. In front of my face I can recall my mother ridiculing me, my ex-husband speaking so terribly to me that his own father defended me. Why did IContinue reading “Courage to Defeat”

“Few people have the imagination for reality.”

Quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe a German poet, playwright and novelist, considered the greatest German literary figure of the modern era. He died in 1832. The courage to see reality has been around a very long time. Memory screams for interpretation, so it seems. Or does it? And, who should give that interpretation? TheContinue reading ““Few people have the imagination for reality.””

A Healing Balm

Incest left a scorched path of intolerable pain that I needed healing for. No amount of reparenting my soul was going to touch that pain. A yoga session was not going to be able to quench the sting of this long-laid plan to destroy parts of me and still the lost integrity to my soul.Continue reading “A Healing Balm”

Operation Storm

You want to get mad? Get mad at what happened to you. You want to let your anger out? Get mad at what happened to you. Do you want to scream at the person that just disrespected you? Instead, get mad at what happened to you. Do you want to crawl into bed and hide?Continue reading “Operation Storm”

An Empty Mind

When you leave abusive, incestuous homes, not only are you on auto-pilot but your mind becomes vacant and void. I always felt like I merely stumbled from one situation to another. That’s why I held onto relationships at all costs, because I was terrified to be alone. I didn’t trust myself and without my storyContinue reading “An Empty Mind”

Little Bo Peep

What courage did Little Bo Peep have? The amusing, and at times dark, song describes how one-day Bo-Peep’s sheep went missing. She searched for them and found them, but they were without their tails. These too she found sometime later, but something happened to the sheep while they were off. The missing tails were foundContinue reading “Little Bo Peep”

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