Hush Little Baby

Don’t you cry. I never heard those words as a child and I’m pretty sure I didn’t give those words very often to my children. I gave the comfort I could, but was it enough? I’m sure it was not. Comfort in trauma is an elusive thing. We can learn calming techniques and that helps.Continue reading “Hush Little Baby”

What Can They Do to You?

Posting the pictures of Dad and Craig yesterday, or telling my story time and time again, I feel a slight tug of fear. I also fear their old regime where I had to listen to them, and be loyal to them at all costs to myself. That is not my reality today, only because IContinue reading “What Can They Do to You?”

Shame Blooms in Darkness

Shame is a dark creature of the night. It was also a creature that was handed down to me in my youth. I didn’t see that my parents dripped with shame when I was growing up – and, maybe they didn’t. You have to know what you’re doing is wrong first. Maybe some people justContinue reading “Shame Blooms in Darkness”

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