Isolation = Vulnerability

We need connection. Period. I know that people are the very thing that broke my world. When I couldn’t trust anyone, I trusted God. I have learned that isolating myself (which I was formerly very fond of) did nothing good for me. I may have perceived safety by being alone, but isolation is lonely andContinue reading “Isolation = Vulnerability”

Tempted to Tease

Darkness has a persuasion that can be strong at times. It lures us in, teasing us with its luster. The opulent lifestyles of the rich, the beauty of those given over to eating disorders and lengthy limbs, the peace that seems to flow out of control. These are the things that can tempt me. ToContinue reading “Tempted to Tease”

Freedom Bells

Freedom, what is freedom? Freedom is defined as the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. I love that! It is beyond refreshing. The power to act, speak and think as you want? I was not raised that way. Jesus said, “He [the Spirit of the Lord]Continue reading “Freedom Bells”

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