F N’ F

On the discussion of fear — ask yourself this question: “Do you fear people?“ I feared everything about them — on the inside of my house, that is. Outside of the house, I was okay, well, kind of. People pleasing is fear. I was an ass-kisser for the early part of my life. I believed,Continue reading “F N’ F”

F N’ F (Fear Not Friday)

It’s been a hard journey for me to find and believe in a Heavenly Father that loves, forgives, encourages, and believes in me. A father is supposed to protect. I had no experience with any of this. None — absolutely nothing from my father but murder, rape, and mayhem. How do I learn and reteachContinue reading “F N’ F (Fear Not Friday)”

F N’ F (Fear Not Friday)

I was reading an article by a great pastor this morning. He said, “Your biggest enemy probably isn’t who you think it is. It’s not Satan, and it’s not the world around you. Your biggest enemy is you.” How true this is for me. I fight despair, shame, guilt, uncontrolled thoughts, compulsions, fear, hopelessness, bitternessContinue reading “F N’ F (Fear Not Friday)”

Does Wickedness Prevail?

What is wickedness? It’s not a word we use much any more. It means “the quality of being evil or morally wrong.” Morally wrong? What does that mean? Seems that it means nothing these days. Isn’t everything okay now? If everything is okay and there is no line between what is morally right and whatContinue reading “Does Wickedness Prevail?”

A Healing Balm

Incest left a scorched path of intolerable pain that I needed healing for. No amount of reparenting my soul was going to touch that pain. A yoga session was not going to be able to quench the sting of this long-laid plan to destroy parts of me and still the lost integrity to my soul.Continue reading “A Healing Balm”