Support Group Looking to Add Members

Wildflower is looking for some members to join “Sexual Trauma Support Group for Women.” There is no cost to join. They want members who have lived through sexual crimes to grab a blanket, get a cup of coffee, tea or wine, and join by Zoom for connection, comfort and conversation. For more information on joiningContinue reading “Support Group Looking to Add Members”

When Grief Strikes

If we understand grief, then we understand that it works just like pain does. When you break an arm, the pain indicates there is a real problem. Grief indicates pain unrealized, loss unnoticed, and the consequences of abuse. Grief unidentified leaves us brokenhearted and living in dull depressive states. When you befriend grief and askContinue reading “When Grief Strikes”

Debunking False Memory Syndrome

If you’ve ever lived through a sliver in your foot, you know that you feel the syptoms, experience the uncomfort of it, but often times you cannot find the root cause until it reveals itself much later through reddness around the area, puffiness and increasing pain. Then, the sliver is revealed and can be removed.Continue reading “Debunking False Memory Syndrome”

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