Mirror Mirror

Introspection — what better way to start a week. Question: How do you perceive God? Who do you think He is? It’s taken me most of my time on earth to understand his graceful, loving, forgiving nature. Time and time again I find myself asking Him to forgive me. His answer — I already have.Continue reading “Mirror Mirror”

Mirror Mirror

Introspection — what better way to start a week. Mother’s Day was yesterday. The day was terribly hard for me. When I chose to stand up and fight this enemy of incest, I knew the battle would not be an easy one. I stay true to that commitment even when it hurts. And, it hurts.Continue reading “Mirror Mirror”

Mirror Mirror

Introspection — what better way to start a week. Mother’s Day is this Sunday. It can be a very hard day for so many of us. The question today: If you had to write a letter to your mother, what would it say? Below is an open letter to my mom. Dear Mother: I hopeContinue reading “Mirror Mirror”

Mirror Mirror

Introspection — What better way to start a week. The only person you can change is yourself. Ask yourself these three questions: Who were you 10 years ago? How are you different today? Looking at relationships we keep, is there someone who motivates our choices through hush money? Sometimes forgetting the past can poison theContinue reading “Mirror Mirror”

Connection is Key

One this road of redemptive recovery, connection has been something I’ve had to look at – a lot. Not just bad connections, but those connections that I once deemed as good. Not all relationships meet the criteria. Some people must go and some people must stay. The decision of these crossroads can be precariously dangerous.

A Bubble of Satisfaction

I’ve wrestled with my thoughts for most of my life. Truly. As a child, I was a contemplative little girl. I had to be. It seemed no one else in my house had a thought past their nose. Unfortunately, that created a cavern of anxiety in my small being. Anxiety has been my friend longerContinue reading “A Bubble of Satisfaction”

The Present of Presence

Growing up, I was never present in my body full time. I practiced dissociating when I could to ease the painful, daily experiences in my life. When I wasn’t checking out, I over ate to the point of distraction. Today, I try to live fully aware of my experiences. I’m in touch with my bodyContinue reading “The Present of Presence”

An Appetite for Change

Healing takes a mindset of growth. As a seed becomes a plant, there is visible change. The same was true in my life. The more I healed, the more everything starting to look just a little bit different. Many of my relationships in life took drastic turns: from the men I dated, to the peopleContinue reading “An Appetite for Change”

Am I A Murderer

When I was three and a half years old, I murdered a woman. I spent the next 50 years retracing and recovering bent memories that had long been buried by the great force of denial. I went back and fought to uncover the truth that had been buried on 40 acres, in a sink hole,Continue reading “Am I A Murderer”

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