Love is the Foundation

Healing with God has a profound difference than healing without Him. He is love. His love is what I needed to change. When I told my story of witnessing a murder as a child, I brought it first to my mother. What a shame that was. She never even tried to console me. Ya know,Continue reading “Love is the Foundation”

Encoded with Predator DNA

What predator ever spoke true kindness to you? Which abuser made you feel good about yourself and worthy of good treatment? None that I had. Every single abuser that has come through my life wanted to discount who I was, make me feel inferior to them and ultimately believe I was not worthy of love.Continue reading “Encoded with Predator DNA”

The Juniper Berries of Pain

The juniper berry is more like a small pine cone than a fruit. In fact, the juniper berry is not a fruit at all, but rather a type of bitter/citrus tasting spice. The berries have anti-inflammatory properties that are ideal for relieving pain and inflammation related to rheumatism and arthritis. Healing is very much like a bitter tonic.Continue reading “The Juniper Berries of Pain”