Pedophiles think they have it all under control. But, they don’t. They are seriously quite frail in life. A featherweight by definition is a person or thing not worth serious consideration. This class of losers are exactly that. With any confrontation, they resist the truth with everything in them. Rejection is something they cannot withstand,Continue reading “~Featherweight~”

Stoic and Distant

Only during sexual abuse is the pedophile present in a child’s life. The rest of the relationship is spent away from each other. There may be an occasional game or ice cream social together, but the reality is the attention you receive is while you are being abused. Many children misinterpret this and deem itContinue reading “Stoic and Distant”

Engaged to Mayhem

My relationships with men have been riddled with chaos. It’s taken me years to unravel this disheveled mess. Where was my value? What would I continue to allow in my life? Was I worth being treated with kindness, gentleness, and integrity? Would loyalty ever be shown to me? From the The Collected Letters of C.S.Continue reading “Engaged to Mayhem”

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