A Casual Critic

When will my internal dialogue be good to me? If I spoke to others the way I sometimes speak to myself, I wouldn’t have very many friends. Do I call others fat? Do I tell other people they’re not good enough? How many times have I questioned the validity of another person’s dreams, hopes andContinue reading “A Casual Critic”

Whose Story Are you Telling?

Is it your own story or is it the story that your parents taught you and demanded you tell? I struggle seeing all of my story, I’m not going to lie. I know it’s the truth. I know it happened. And, I struggle with it. I’m not supposed to tell. I am supposed to hideContinue reading “Whose Story Are you Telling?”

Please, Forgive Yourself, Immediately

I cannot tell you how many times I have found myself here: People who suffer from flashbacks often organize their lives around trying to protect against them. the body keeps the score, bessel van der kolk, page 67 The fog of dissociation may try to land and prevent me from enjoying my everyday life asContinue reading “Please, Forgive Yourself, Immediately”