Bless, Curse Not

Meeting Jesus at a very young, tender age taught me something: to listen to Him and not to religious ways of a population. I could hate, but I don’t. The reason I try to keep my heart out of the mud is for me and my immediate family. While I walk wholeheartedly in the truthContinue reading “Bless, Curse Not”

Do you fall prey to words of deception?

Abusers are either trying to deceive you or they become your accuser. One way or the other, it is all manipulation. I’ve lived with many of them. Abusive people want you to believe something that is not true, typically in order to gain some personal advantage. Not many people today use these old words, butContinue reading “Do you fall prey to words of deception?”

A Puzzle / A Myth

When I shared my story through the eyes of my abusers, my story didn’t add up. I was living a real puzzle. My story buried under the ruble of denial, it had become just a myth. Without the truth beside me, I stayed in bad relationships. With missing pieces of who I was I stayedContinue reading “A Puzzle / A Myth”

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