The Pilgrimage of Pride

Typically, a pilgrimage is a physical journey to some place of special significance. The path of incest is such a journey. I’ve seen it far too many times. Pedophiles all seem to sound much the same. Their arguments are similar – filled with deceit and lies, and their pride is unmatched. They tear at theContinue reading “The Pilgrimage of Pride”

A Soft Heart

When insatiable pain enters my soul, I’m perplexed with indecision. I can run away from it or I can try to devour it and end it’s sting. If I don’t outrun it, then it finds me. If I try to look at it, it overtakes me. These feel like two really bad choices. I hateContinue reading “A Soft Heart”

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

There were times when I thought I was two people. One night, I might feel like a four-year-old-child, alone and desperate; the next day, I was a graduated women, full of strength and emotion. I remember a time I was sitting on the floor of my bathroom. I was compelled to get a piece ofContinue reading “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”