The Gathering | Exclusive Book Club for Survivors | Begins 7/11/2023


Join the author in a safe community of love and understanding to discuss the journey and path to healing.

What you get for your one time purchase (only $7.50 a month) is your own copy of the book, six author-led monthly meetings for book discussion, and monthly peer support through a private Facebook group.

Meet on the second Tuesday of each month beginning July 11, 2023.

It’s proven that PTSD and CPTSD symptoms are best supported through peer support groups of those who have been through similar trauma. Do you want to learn how to heal from trauma? Talk to a person who has lived through it.

Read the assigned chapter(s) before we meet. Then, on a private Zoom we will have a serious discussion about the chapter’s content. Bring your own questions and discussion topics. The author will also have curated questions ready for discussion purposes.

What you get:

  1. Your own ebook copy of A Prisoner by No Crime of My Own (downloaded after book club community purchase).
  2. An invitation to a private Facebook group for community chats and discussion.
  3. Private community of survivors helping each other thrive and heal.
  4.  Zoom link to private book club held on the second Tuesday of each month fox six months.
  5.  Reading schedule will be sent through a monthly invitation, including Zoom link.

Heal from the shame and brokenness of abuse.

NOTE: This group is exclusively for those of us that have lived through the trauma of sexual abuse.



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