PTSD is a whole body tragedy

PTSD is a whole-body tragedy…of the heart, mind, body, and soul- of which all are interconnected. But beneath the surface of the protective layers of trauma survivors there lays an undamaged essence, a part that is confident, curious, and calm, a part that has been sheltered from destruction by Jesus himself. Healing is a formContinue reading “PTSD is a whole body tragedy”

Isolation = Vulnerability

We need connection. Period. I know that people are the very thing that broke my world. When I couldn’t trust anyone, I trusted God. I have learned that isolating myself (which I was formerly very fond of) did nothing good for me. I may have perceived safety by being alone, but isolation is lonely andContinue reading “Isolation = Vulnerability”

Stop Child Abuse Now — Talk Radio Show — NAASCA

Join me tonight, Monday, March 27, 2023, on the NAASCA Talk Radio Show, where I will be sharing my story. It will be live at these times: ET–8pm – Central 7pm – Mountain is 6pm and Pacific is 5pm. Call in number is 646-595-2118. Check out the NAASCA here: Thank you for all yourContinue reading “Stop Child Abuse Now — Talk Radio Show — NAASCA”

F N’ F (Fear Not Friday)

Question — In a relationship with a person, what do you fear will be stolen from you? Or better said for me, what do I believe will not be stolen. I hate to be a cynic, but aren’t most people motivated purely by self-interest? Are they sincere? Do they carry with them integrity? Okay, throughContinue reading “F N’ F (Fear Not Friday)”

Do you fall prey to words of deception?

Abusers are either trying to deceive you or they become your accuser. One way or the other, it is all manipulation. I’ve lived with many of them. Abusive people want you to believe something that is not true, typically in order to gain some personal advantage. Not many people today use these old words, butContinue reading “Do you fall prey to words of deception?”

Courage to Defeat

Do you have the courage it takes to defeat those that hurt you? For years and years I did not. I let everyone walk right over me. In front of my face I can recall my mother ridiculing me, my ex-husband speaking so terribly to me that his own father defended me. Why did IContinue reading “Courage to Defeat”

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