Pain is a Pansy

The Urban Dictionary defines a pansy as weak and┬áhyper sensitive, often acting like everything is a bigger problem than it actually is, and in most cases, beats themselves up over┬ástupid things. Isn’t that precisely what it feels like to live with pain? While encased in the throws of deep healing, I was a bit ofContinue reading “Pain is a Pansy”

Diving for Memories

Memories for the abused are unwanted. In conversation, the goal is to listen to the person I’m talking with. People love sharing their stories and I’m a good listener. My memories aren’t worth being shared. A pretender I am not. Fishing through the past I could throw away all the burdensome darkness or I couldContinue reading “Diving for Memories”

A Triumphant Entry

Enter healing celebrating your victory. Hope is what sees us through. Too much focusing on unhealed parts will cause you to stumble. We cannot camp where our pain began. It’s a passing through the territory to tear down the strongholds. Don’t stay too long. Exploring the darkness of my past has taken as many yearsContinue reading “A Triumphant Entry”

Misguided & Gilded

As she went she whispered to herself, “O Shepherd, when you said that Love and pain go together, how truly you spoke.” Hinds feet on high places, hannah hurmard An elegant gilded love triangle is built between abused children and their predators. If this abuser was or is your parent, that love triangle is an evenContinue reading “Misguided & Gilded”